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Sarah Ahmed

PhD Candidate (ABD)

University of Oregon, Department of Sociology




I am a doctoral candidate (ABD) in the Sociology Department at the University of Oregon. My research and teaching interests include gender, development, political sociology, and global health.

My scholarship contributes new perspectives in the sociology of gender, with connections between state development and global health in developing countries. It bridges sociology and global health by using ethnographic methods and content analysis to capture women’s agency and resistance in highly patriarchal areas where these may not be readily apparent. My focus on women workers in rural and urban areas sheds light on the dialectic global-local interaction between transnational institutions and local groups and consequent transformations of labor consciousness and agency.


For my doctoral dissertation, I examine female community health workers in Pakistan working on the Polio Eradication project.
My research has received numerous awards and grants; (see CV). Publications are forthcoming.


I primarily use qualitative methods such as interviews and focus groups to capture lived experiences of my participants lives through their own words.



I have taught as an instructor on record for Sociology of Families and will teach Introduction to Sociology in Summer 2019. I use a variety of activities and pedagogical tools to engage classrooms of various sizes to engage in critical thinking and application of learned content.


As a scholar with an interdisciplinary training spanning from International Studies to Political Science, I invite students to think about sociological concepts from a domestic and international perspective. My teaching topics include development, gender, race, and migration. As these topics are sensitive, my teaching objective emphasizes creating a safe learning environment for students of different identities and backgrounds to feel supported. I structure classes to include research questions and in-class activities to apply an intersectional lens in thinking about real life scenarios.



Sarah Ahmed

Department of Sociology

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